Realtor/Seller Information
The information contained herein should be provided to the purchaser’s real estate agent and to the closing attorney. It is not for distribution outside of the association for any other purpose other than its stated purpose.  It is not to be used for solicitation by any person or company. The information contained herein is subject to change and, therefore, is not binding on the Council of Co-Owners of Audubon Woods Condominiums, Inc.
Maintenance Fees
Audubon Woods is organized as a Kentucky not-for-profit condominium association.  Owners own their own individual unit and a percentage share of the common elements and property. There are a variety of unit types and sizes within Audubon Woods.  Maintenance fees for 2018 range between $422 and $1088 a month. Maintenance fees are based on square footage of the condo.  
Maintenance Fees include the following services:
Residential Water
Common Area Electricity
Gas - Residential and Common fireplaces
Landscaping Mowing and Trimming
Trash Removal and Recycling
Exterior Maintenance of buildings, streets, grounds and other common elements including snow removal
Professional Management and Accounting 
Street Lights
Common Area Liability Insurance and Property insurance for all structures**
                **Owner is responsible for insuring the interior of the unit and personal property
Reserve Replacement Fund for Roof Replacements, Streets, and other Common Elements of the condominium
Selling a unit at Audubon Woods
In accordance with the Kentucky Condominium Act (KRS 381.9203), each seller must order from the association a "Sellers Disclosure Certificate" when a contract is signed.  This certificate contains all the information that needs to be disclosed to a buyer by the seller including dues, special assessments, lawsuits, financial statements, budgets, Rules and Regulation and all of the Governing Documents. Providing a certificate to the Buyer protects the Association, the seller, and the seller's Realtor for "failure to disclose association financial conditions" or "undisclosed restrictions" at the time of sale. 
The cost for preparing this Certificate, as established in the law, is 80% of one month's association dues uo to a maximum of $225. In the case of Audubon Woods the fee is $225.00.
The certificate and all of the required documents can be ordered at
To avoid hidden expenses at closing Buyers need to obtain the following items:
Parking Garage Remotes
Unit Keys
Mailbox Keys
Realtors and Buyers can access and download all of the Audubon Woods Governing Documents on this website under the Governing Documents heading on the left side of the home page.